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Naskah Drama: SITI NURBAYA


In the afternoon, Datuk Maringgih come to the house of Siti Nurbaya’s Family. He enter the room in hurry, and without make a permission to the host.

(He grumble with himself)
Datuk Maringgih : “Where is anybody?”
(He shout )
Datuk Maringgih : “Anybody home?”
(Siti’s mother come out, she’s so surprised, but she try to calm down)
Mother : “ Datuk Maringgih, how are you?”
Datuk Maringgih : “You don’t need to know it. You can see it by yourself. I don’t like your way. Just wasting the time. Time is money”
Mother : (Still with her smile) “Ok, please sit down. We can talk it well”.
(Datuk sit down with arrogant)
Datuk Maringgih : “Are you able to pay your loan now?”
Mother : (She lose her smile, and become more serious) I’m sorry Datuk.
I think, there is a little chance that I can pay my loan with the interest”
Datuk Maringgih : “But you said that you would pay your loan and the interest this day. You just wasting my time,”
Mother : It’s impossible to pay my debt. I don’t have any money. You have known it, since my husband died………I…..
Datuk Maringgih : “I don’t care bout your husband. I just want my money back,”
Mother : “I’ll pay it. But not at this time,”
(Suddenly, Siti enter the living room)
Siti : What’s happened here?”
Mother : “Nothing, Datuk come to take his money back,”
(Datuk Maringgih see Siti from up to down, then he smile)
Datuk Maringgih : “OK. If you can’t pay, I won’t take the problem with you,”
Mother : “really?”
Datuk Maringgih : “Yes, but your daughter must marry with me, do you agree?”
Mother : “ Excuse me?”
Datuk Maringgih : “ I wanna marry your daughter,”
Siti : “ Forget it, Old man. I will not marry with you. I have a boyfriend.
Mother : She’s right. I don’t agree with your idea Datuk.
Datuk Maringgih : “ Samsul Bahri? What do you hope with a boy like him? He is a poor boy. You must marry with me. If you refuse my will, I’ll take your home and your garden as a payment of your father’s credit on me,”
(Datuk Maringgih directly go, without waiting the Siti’s answer anymore. Siti hold her mother and cry in his shoulder)

(Siti and Samsul Bahri are sitting down, their face is so serious)
Siti : “He want me to marry him, but I don’t. I love you Bahri. I can’t leave you,”
Samsul : So do I Siti. I’ll try to help your family. I’ll talk to my father… or I’ll find a job,”
Siti : It’s impossible Bahri. You know your mother doesn’t permit our relationship,”
Samsul : There’s not impossible in love Siti. Believe in me.
Siti : “ I believe in you….., but I’m not sure your family will help me,”
Samsul : OK Siti…, I promise, I won’t let him take you away from me”

(In Samsul Bahri’s house)
Mother :I don’t agree with your idea to marry Siti Nurbaya, Samsul. Your father had talked it with me last week. Our family can’t accepted her.
Samsul : OH, please mom. Let me marry her. Datuk Maringgih will marry her, if her mother can’t pay her loan,”
Mother : What’s wrong with you? That’s not our own business. Why do we must pay her loan? There a lot of beautiful girl in this world Samsul,”
Samsul : “But I just want Siti,”
Mother : “ You are blinded with love. Open your eyes…., she isn’t good girl”
Samsul : “ Nonsense. You can’t understand me mom.”
Mother : “ I just want the best for you Samsul…”.
Samsul : “ And sometimes you make a mistake with what you do mom,”
Mother : “ It’s imposible Samsul. I’m your mom. I know the best and the worst thing for you. Hear me, you won’t be happy with her. You must hear me…,Samsul.
( After 2 month )
Samsul walks to Siti’s house. There is a crowded in there. He talk to Siti’s aunt.

Samsul : “What’s happened here,”
Aunt : “ Samsul, it’s too late. You come too late. Siti has married just now….This is the wedding party,”
Samsul : “ Marry?”
Aunt : “ Yes..,Samsul. Datuk Maringgih force her. Her mother can’t pay the loan,so she has to marry with Datuk Marringgih. First, Siti always believe that you will come and save her. She comes again and again to your house. But your mother chased away her….She cried all of night before she married,”
Samsul : “ OH, Siti….,” (he run to the place which the party hold)
Aunt : “ You can’t do anything. She has married. Don’t disobey our custom,Samsul. You must let her to build her new life peacefully”
Samsul : (He don’t listen Siti’s aunt words. He run)“Siti…..”

(Siti look at Samsul. She cry and run to Samsul….the people watch her. There’s no one can say anything)
Siti : “Samsul, where did you go?”
Samsul : “ I found a money, Siti……,”
Siti : “ It’s too late, I’ve married….Samsul…..(Siti cries)….I can’t object….,”
Samsul : “ I’m sorry Siti….,”
Datuk Maringgih : “ Siti you are my wife…, enter your room!!! I will talk with Samsul,”
Siti : “ No, Datuk…., You don’t need talk to Samsul. Samsul will leave this place,”
Samsul : “She is right, but I’ll take her. Come on Siti,”

(Samsul take Siti’s hand. They run away from the wedding party. Datuk and his
bodyguard run after him)

Makna Bhara L.A.

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yaya said...

whats the next? i wanna know further...actually im too interested with siti nurbaya history..myths or real? i was in medan last few onths..when i was in Gubernor Office..he told me that ive the same name! im so suprised n till now im stil keep finding whats the sotry behind SITI NURBAYA ....

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